Coals heating up

Heating the coals.

First thing first, we heat up our natural, smoky-flavored coals that is essential to locking up the flavors of our secret sauce inside the meats.

Coals moved inside the grill

Firing up the grill.

We move the piping-hot coals on a bed inside our 16-foot long custom-tailored BBQ car. This is when we start putting in the meat to be rotated above the coals for couple of hours.

Cooking the chickens

Marinated in our secret sauce.

Meats are slowly submerged in our secret sauce, the same recipe we have been using for over 30 years.

Taking chickens off the grill

After some slow-cooking, the meat is ready!

Even after many years in service, the aroma from the meat makes our mouth water as we take the meat off the grill. We then serve them hot and fresh.


Our meat is Toddler-approved™

There is nothing more rewarding to get approvals from the most fussy eaters known to mankind. We are asked back again year after year in the pursuit of entertaining taste buds! Don’t take our word for it and hear what our foodies say.

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