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Cranking our barbecue grill since 1985

Special Sauce

Our meats are slow-cooked locking in the flavors of our irresistible special sauce.


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Southern Ontario

We serve the Southern Ontario region.



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Our Story

We all started in 1985 with the goal of providing picnic-style meat and dishes that has a nostalgic touch.

Over the last 30 years, Pineridge Barbecue has catered thousands of off-premise events and served millions of first-class meals. This small father and son business has established a reputation second to none in the marketplace and customers return year after year.

Pineridge Barbecue is flexible, too. It may be a company staff appreciation event which calls for meals to be served to shift workers at different times of the day or night; a customer appreciation lunch; a new product launch; plot tours for seed companies; or a wedding party.

Pine Ridge BBQ about
Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor


Dan has acquired his BBQing skills from his father who founded Pineridge BBQ. Dan is passionate about delivering exceptional service from a phone call to the end of a mouthwatering BBQ service.

Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor

Impressive Creator

Bill is one of the co-founder of Pineridge BBQ. For over 30 years, he has been getting up at 3am in the summer months to perfect the art of cooking meats for his customers.



A mexician red poodle, she has headed the Pinerdige BBQ security department to prevent meal thefts. Only because she wants all the Pineridge meats to herself.